We are located at:

1604 E. Crestwood Dr. Victoria, Tx



Our Mission

“To know Jesus and to make Him known.” 

About Sundays...

Victory Café - The Victory Cafe is serving breakfast in between Services from 10:30- 10:55 a.m. every Sunday. All proceeds benefit the VICTORY YOUTH!

Victory Kids - During the service we offer kid’s church for ages birth -11 years old. The age groups are 0-2, 3-4(Pre-School), 5-7 (Elementary) and 8-11 (PreTeens). Here at Victory we believe in partnering with parents to raise up godly kids. We ask that every parent with a child in one of these classes on a Sunday morning would consider serving once a month in a class. Please contact Amy Garvel (361) 489-8514 to sign up to help in the Preteen class or any other class. (NOTE: The Preteen Class (8-11 year olds) only meets during the 11am Service.)

Victory Groups - It's almost time to launch small groups for Fall 2018! Please consider hosting a small group at your home, the church, or another site. If you are interested in hosting a group please fill out the form on "Victory Groups" page under the "Connect" heading on our website. 

Welcome Gift - At Victory, we offer you our "hassle free" guarantee.  If you would like more information, want to be on our e-newsletter list, or have a specific prayer request, please fill out the connection card that is at the Connect Booth in the Social Space and hand it to a volunteer or drop it in the box located to the left of the doors as you leave.

Giving - Here at Victory we believe what God's Word teaches regarding stewardship and generosity - bringing your tithe and giving offerings can change your life!  There are now 2 options for GIVING at Victory: Text the word GIVE to (361)541-4471 and you will be prompted on how to give from your mobile device OR place your tithe and/or offering in an envelope and place it in the offering boxes located on either side of the doorway as you leave. (Please print your first and last name clearly on the envelope for record keeping purposes.) 

Communion – Here at Victory we partake in communion together as a church family on the 1st Sunday of Each Month. The act of taking Communion does not save a person, but rather demonstrates one’s personal faith and shows that they have already been given salvation in Jesus. As such, Communion is to be done regularly as a worship act celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus.(1 Cor. 11:23-30) Make sure that you have FORGIVEN and confessed any unconfessed sin to the Lord before you receive Communion. (1 John 1:5-10)

Joining the Church & Serving - If you are interested in joining the church or joining of one of our Ministry Teams please attend our Pathways Classes that will launch in October 2018!!(OR go to to our homepage and click on “EMAIL A CONNECTING COACH’)

Sharing the Message - Our Sunday messages are recorded and produced every week.  They can be found at  victoryclc.libsyn.com or by clicking on ‘Podcast’ on our website. Please share these links with friends, family, and co-workers who need to hear the Word of God. Or better yet, INVITE THEM TO CHURCH!



At Victory, our gatherings have three primary components: worship, preaching of the Word, and prayer ministry. Our gatherings are casual and typically last around an hour and a half.


If you are a first-time guest with us, please stop by the Connect Booth in the Social Space on the way out. We have a little something for you to thank you for checking out Victory. And we'd love to meet you!

If you'd like to learn more about Victory, we invite newcomers to the Welcome to Church Party, our once a month gathering where you will have an opportunity to hear more about the mission, vision, and values of our church and meet the staff and leadership. For more information about the Welcome to Church Party click here.


Check-in for our Victory Kids classrooms opens 15 minutes prior to the Sunday gathering at the Check-In area right inside the front doors. Each Sunday, our Victory Kids leaders have planned engaging, fun, and age-appropriate lessons and activities for all children from birth through 11 years of age. (NOTE: The Preteen Class (8-11 year olds) only meets during the 11am Service.) Children are always welcome to sit with their family in the Main Service. (Youth Service for Jr. High and High School students is every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.)

Sunday Morning Timeline

8:45 a.m. Kid's Classes OPEN (0-2 Nursery, 3 - 4yrs., 5 - 7 yrs., NOTE: No 8-11 class for 9am Service in June & July 2018)
Check-In at WELCOME BAR at Front Doors

9:00 a.m.  1st WORSHIP SERVICE begins!!

10:30 a.m. Breakfast Cafe OPENS in Social Space

10:45 a.m. Kid's Classes OPEN (0-2 Nursery, 3- 4yrs., 5 - 7 yrs., 8 - 11 yrs.)
Check-In at WELCOME BAR at Front Doors

11:00 a.m.  2nd WORSHIP SERVICE begins!!

(NOTE: The Preteen Class (8-11 year olds) only meets during the 11am Service.)